ICCL Expansion Updates

additional renderings and schematics will be uploaded soon!

Building Design

– define expansion program & budget
– building schematic development

– schematic revisions
– final architecture & engineering drawings
– laurel city and county permits

site work

– site (land) assessment
– site plan design
– new traffic study
– storm water management approval
– city planning board approval


Ongoing updates:

  • 12/04/22: Phase 1 Expansion plans presented to the community at the General Body Meeting and feedback received
  • 02/26/23: Expansion meeting held by Board, Planning & Construction committee, and Religious administration to propose updates to expansion design
  • 03/12/23: Expansion meeting held by Board, Planning & Construction committee, and Religious administration to review options for expansion modification
  • 04/14/23: Updated Phase 1 Expansion exterior renderings presented to the community
  • 05/17/23: Trees Clearing and Land Development project for 1.38 acres approved at the City of Laurel hearing
  • 06/01/23: Trees Clearing work by Legend Builders begins on the ICCL property
  • 06/21/23: Trees Clearing work completed by Legend Builders. Applications in process with PG County for Land Development (stormwater and soil grading) of the 1.38 acres.
  • 06/26/23: Meeting held at ICCL with Hercules Fence to review and finalize proposed plan for 4 electronic programmable gates and front and side security fence.
  • 07/04/23: Initial updated Phase 1 Expansion interior layout drawings delivered to the Board, Planning & Construction Committee, Religious Management, Council and School Advisory Panels for evaluation.
  • 08/01/23: Fee paid and application submitted to the city for fence and gate height variance to increase the maximum allowable height from 3.5 feet to 6 feet.
  • 08/02/23: Feedback for proposed interior layout updates provided by ICCL to design architect.
  • 08/11/23: Payment made to PG county for stormwater permit for the 1.38 acre land. Soil grading permit still pending.
  • 08/25/23: Meeting held at ICCL with Structural Engineering firm Munshi Associates, LLC to review proposed structural changes and expansion.
  • 09/06/23: Contract and Agreement of Services signed with Munshi Associates, LLC for stamped/sealed drawings to be delivered to the city upon engineering design completion.

Suggestions and comments accepted via email: expansion@icclmd.org

For questions and feedback email: expansion@icclmd.org

Site updated: 09/24/2023