ICCL Expansion Updates

additional renderings and schematics will be uploaded soon!

building design

– define expansion program & budget
– building schematic development

– schematic revisions
– final architecture & engineering drawings
– laurel city and county permits

site work

– site (land) assessment
– site plan design
– new traffic study
– storm water management approval
– city planning board approval


ongoing updates:

– ICCL Board Finalizes Building Expansion Program and Budget – July, 2019.

– Schematic Designs Presented to Community (@Fundraiser) – November 9, 2019

– ICCL Board Members & Civil Engineer meet with City of Laurel to review overall plan and approvals process – March 2, 2020.

– Feedback Received and after Board discussions, request for revisions provided to architect. – March 22, 2020.

– Pending civil (site) engineering proposals and schematic revisions. – April 1, 2020

– Negotiating civil (site) engineering proposals. Schematic design also continues to be discussed and reviewed. – June 1, 2020.

A civil engineering firm has been selected and is under contract for the expansion project. – August 14, 2020

– A new and Exciting Expansion Schematic is being reviewed by ICCL Leadership. A new site survey is being conducted on the ICCL Property. This will establish and document the new boundary lines, utilities and all existing site conditions. – December 11, 2020

The Civil Engineering Firm has completed the CADD drawing with the existing site conditions. The file has now been provided to the architect to make adjustments to the proposed design to conform with city/county zoning requirements. We expect the revised schematic to be available soon and are anxious to share it with the community! Stay tuned! – February 14, 2021

ICCL continues to work with our engineers and architect on the expansion project. The designs have gone through a few iterations and we plan on presenting them to the community on Sunday, June 27 (new date!) inshaAllah. We’re excited and hope you are too! Please keep an eye out for additional details in the coming days! – June 12, 2021

ICCL shared the concept design and renderings with the community on June 27. Great feedback from the presentation and we are excited to move forward! – June 28, 2021

The ICCL Construction Committee has been formed and the team is working on the site plan and discussions with the City of Laurel. – August 1, 2021.

Suggestions and comments accepted via email: expansion@icclmd.org

for questions and feedback email: expansion@icclmd.org

site updated 8/6/2021