ICCL Thamarat Institute


Contact : Brother Tahir, TI Administrator
3:30-6:30 pm at ICCL Office
Phone: +1 (301) 317-4584
We have been serving families in our area for over 40 years and have noticed a segment of our population that has been underserved.  Many of the Muslim youth are growing up in our society unsure of their Muslim identity.  Their beliefs are challenged every minute as they interact with their non-muslim counterparts. Many children question their faith and are unable to get answers.
We have to ask ourselves if we, as parents, have equipped our children with the resources and training needed for them to stand up to these challenges.
Therefore we are starting a new initiative called the Thamaraat institute that will provide after school Islamic studies for our youth.   We will be teaching them Aqeedah, Fiqh, Quran, Hadith and duas.
We will be using the Naseehah Curriculum that has been tested and used all over the English speaking world.  We are currently enrolling children for the upcoming school year.  Classes will begin September 7th after Labor-day weekend.
The classes will be held at ICCL from 4:15 pm to 6:15 pm Monday through Friday.
The monthly tuition will be $150 per child.